Indian Man Kills Wife For Liking Hrithik Roshan, Ends His Own Life


Indian man kills wife for liking Hrithik Roshan, ends his own life

Dineshwar Budidat, 33, killed wife for crush on Hrithik Roshan and for watching his movies.

HYDERABAD:(Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Nov 11th, 2019) After killing his bartender wife Donne Dojoy, a man ended his own life in Hyderabad area of India, the reports said.

According to the details, Dineshwar Budidat, 33-year old, killed his bartender wife Donne Dojoy and later ended his own life by hanging himsel with a tree. The locals said that he killed his wife becuase he had a crush on bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. For this sole reason, the man killed his wife and committed suicide.
Some locals said that Dineshwar Budhidat was known for his abusive and unruly behaviour. A woman said "He (Dineshwar) had treated Dodoy badly several times before, seeing her crush on Hrithik Roshan."

"Despite jealousy and abuse, he also loved her very much because he loved her job and with that, he did not want to spoil her physical relationship with her." said a friend of the deceased. Another woman said:"she used to watch Hrithik Roshan's movies or listen to his songs. Due to this, her husband used to threaten her and said that he does not like it when she watches Hrithik Roshan movies or listens to his songs. He is very jealous and angry about it."

In another similar incident, a man ended his life just 30 minutes before his marraige with a woman in India--a very shocking incident that went viral on social media.

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