Karakoram Highway Blocked At Three Points Due Land-sliding


Karakoram Highway blocked at three points due land-sliding

The TV reports say that Karakoram Highway is closed at Tatta Pani, Lal Pari area and vehicles have been stopped at Zero Point and Gonar Farm.

CHILAS: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-August 2nd, 2021) Karakoram Highway is blocked at three points due to land-sliding after heavy rainfall in the region a local private tv reported on Monday.

Flooding has also hit various areas in the region.

According to the reports, Karakoram Highway is blocked at three points including Tatta Pani and Lal Pari after land sliding. Hundreds vehicles and thousands visitors stranded in the area due to blockage of the roads.

The local administration confirmed that the vehicles were stopped at Zero Point and Gonar Farm while a truck was trapped in floodwater at Tatta Pani.

However, Karakoram Highway will remain closed from Chilas to Gilgit today and work was in progress for reopening of the highway.

r land sliding at Tatta Pani owing to heavy rainfall in the area. “The rainfall has also caused flooding in local torrents and damaged standing crops,” the district official added.

Fida Hussnain

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