At 20 People Die In Train-bus Collision Near Rohri


At 20 people die in train-bus collision near Rohri

The doctors at Civil Hospital Sukkur say that some injured are in critical condition.

SUKKUR:(Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News- Feb 29, 2020) At least 20 people were killed and several others injured after a passenger bus got hit by Pakistan Express train at Kandhara phatak near Rohri here on Saturday morning.

Rescue teams rushed to the scene as they came to know about the incident and started rescue operation to shift the injured to nearby hospital.

The passenger bus was on its way from Karachi to Sargodha when a Lahore bound train hit it near Rohri. The doctors at the Civil hospital in Sukkur say that some injured are in critical condition

Fida Hussnain

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