Govt Isn’t Going Anywhere But Zardari To Go To Jail: PM Imran Khan


Govt isn’t going anywhere but Zardari to go to jail: PM Imran Khan

Says former president and opposition parties issue statement to oust government just to get NRO

LAHORE- (Pakistan Point News- 5th April 2019) Prime Minister Imran Khan once again invited opposition parties to come to Islamabad to stage a sit-in.

Addressing a public meeting in Jamrud KP, the PM said if PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto and Asif Zardari wanted to stage a protest in the Federal capital, the government would instead provide them ‘container,’ a reference the outspoken made to his famous months-long ‘container’ sit-in in Islamabad. Saying so, he also responded to the Zardari’s Thursday’s speech in which the former president had said that he was not willing to give this government more time and asked PPP workers to get ready to start a march towards Islamabad to oust the government.

The prime minister said Zardari was making agitations’ call just to save his skin as he will soon go to jail for what he had looted during his tenures in the government. He said the government was not going anywhere but Zardari will certainly go to jail.

"You [Asif Zardari] want to start a protest to oust the government. Do it and we will provide you container for it,” he said, adding the government was not going anywhere no matter what kind of protest they (opposition parties) were ready to launch but those who looted billions of this nation would go to jail.

Khan claimed that the gathering at Garhi Khuda Bakhsh was not genuine and people were provided money to attend the event. He said the PTI government would never care of such dramas and fake acting. The PM also attacked JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman who had announced a million march to oust the government. Imran Khan said the politics of Fazl ended in 2018 election when he was clean bowled by the PTI members in his hometown. He said the opposition parties were in search of NRO from the government which he added would not be given to them. He said the PTI government will bring development and peace in Fata areas.

Iftikhar Alam

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