India Faces Another Humiliation On Fake Images

India Faces another Humiliation on Fake Images

BJP Minister Shares Pictures of Girls School and Calls them Jaish Camp

LAHORE- (Pakistan Point News – 7th March 2019) India’s right-wing politicians have completely lost their minds after exposure of Modi government’s claim regarding ‘causalities’ in a so-called strike on Jaishe Muhammad Camps in Balakot.

They are not only busy in spreading lies but don’t even feel ashamed when international independent media prove them wrong every time.

This time a Union Minister of BJP government appeared to validate his government’s claim on ‘Balakot strike’ and shared some pictures of the ‘camp’ which according to him destroyed in IAF strike.


However, the BBC urdu exposed his lie soon after the minister uploaded the old images on his Twitter account. The Union Minister Shandilya Giriraj Singh also shared a fake video of Indian local tv in support of his claim.

According to the news website, the satellite images uploaded by the minister are actually a girls’ higher secondary school. The satellite images were uploaded from a website of the private service provider and the founder of the website himself declared the images shared by the minister as old.


International news agency Reuters and New York Times already run stories against Indian claims.

Maira Azam

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