Five Killed, Three Injured In Explosion At Home In Kot Addu


Five killed, three injured in explosion at home in Kot Addu

The authorities say the house where the explosion took place belonged to an individual employed at a junkyard.

KOT ADDU: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 1st, 2023) In a tragic incident, five individuals lost their lives and three others sustained injuries in a house explosion in Daira Din Panah, located in the Kot Addu district of Punjab, approximately 80 kilometers from Muzaffargarh.

The local police reported the incident on Thursday.

According to the authorities, the house where the explosion took place belonged to an individual employed at a junkyard. It was revealed that the explosion occurred while waste materials and scrap were being sorted in the house. Promptly after the incident, law enforcement teams and relevant security agencies arrived at the scene to initiate an investigation into the nature of the explosion.

Among the deceased were two women and a young girl, all of whom were members of the same family. The victims were identified as Haseena Mai (40), Bilal (38), Iqbal (30), Shano Mai (28), and four-year-old Sadia Bibi. The injured individuals were immediately transported to the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital in Kot Addu for medical treatment.

Upon receiving a distress call at 8:44 am, the Rescue 1122 control room was informed that an explosion caused by an "unknown object" had resulted in the deaths of five people and injuries to three others in the affected house. Urgently requesting an ambulance, the caller triggered a swift response from the Rescue 1122 Control Room, which dispatched three ambulances from the Kot Addu Central Rescue Station and promptly notified the police.

Eyewitnesses at the location informed the rescue personnel that five individuals had tragically lost their lives at the site of the explosion, while three others had sustained injuries. The cause and nature of the explosion are currently under investigation by the rescue team, and no conclusive statements have been made thus far.

In response to the incident, Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Usman Anwar has requested a detailed report from the regional police officer in Dera Ghazi Khan and instructed the district police officer in Muzaffargarh to conduct a thorough investigation from all possible angles. The authorities are committed to uncovering the truth behind this unfortunate incident.

Abdullah Hussain

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