Dua Zahra Is Nearer To 15 Years Of Age: Medical Board


Dua Zahra is nearer to 15 years of age: Medical Board

The parents of the teenage girl are fighting case for determination of her age as they believe she was not old enough to get married by her own free will.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-July 4th, 2022) Dua Zahra, the teenage girl who initially had gone missing and later was confirmed thag shs got married with a man namely Zaheer Ahmed, is between 15 to 16 years of age, the latest medical tests confirmed.

A ten-member medical board submitted it's report before a local court in Karachi east.

Mehndi Ali Kazmi, father of Dua, is fighting a legal battle for determination her daughter's age.

The previous test suggested that the girl’s age was between 16 and 17.

Zahra’s age according to the fresh report is:

On the basis of physical examination — 14-15 years

On the basis of dentition evaluation and OPG examination — 13-15 years

On the basis of epiphyseal closure assessed through radiological examination — 16-17

The report said, "The consensus opinion regarding the overall age of Ms Dua Zahra D/O Syed Mehdi Kazmi is between fifteen to sixteen (15-16) years, nearer to fifteen years, based on physical examination and dentition,” the report concluded.

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