Arts Council Of Pakistan Karachi Celebrates International Women's Day, Pays Tribute To Women In Two-day Second Women's Conference

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi celebrates International Women's Day, pays tribute to women in two-day Second Women's Conference

The two-day "Second Women's Conference" on the occasion of International Women's Day at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has come to a successful conclusion

Karachi (Pakistan Point News - 08rd March, 2021) The two-day "Second Women's Conference" on the occasion of International Women's Day at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has come to a successful conclusion. The efforts of working women were appreciated in the first session of the second day of the Second Women's Conference. The meeting was chaired by renowned writer and poet Kishore Naheed while Zahra Akbar Khan, Nasir Mansoor, Fatima Majid, Bushra Arain, Saeeda Khatun, Farhat Parveen, and Sabhagi Bheel expressed their views.

Women are very brave and role models for us. I greet them. She said that whenever I sought the advice of union leaders, I got full support. Sindh is the only province that has made 16-year policies for working women. It is a matter of fact that all these women have achieved their goals and I hope that the journey of success will continue in the future as well, Sheema Kirmani said that whenever women go out in search of employment, they On every street corner, men face violent, degrading glances, among today's women who lack self-confidence. It seems that it was not forty years ago, but even today, if a woman gathers on a platform, she can become a force to be reckoned with for her rights.

That is why we started the Women's March. Social worker Zahra Akbar Khan said that today the situation is better than in the past but even today women's fight starts from their home, we have to make men like us, capitalist and feudal system. "We have to fight together. Women have won their rights by fighting for 25 years and it continues to this day," she said. "I salute these women for the way they have fought for their rights." Trade union leader Saeedah Khatun said that the accident of the Baldia factory was very horrible in which there were no safety measures for the workers who were burnt to death. My son was also among these martyrs. We are still fighting for justice. , Union Leader Nasir Mansoor said that we want to eradicate negative thinking and our rights can be achieved through systematic struggle. The percentage of voters are working-class people but it is sad to say that there is no representation of workers. In the last 30 years, women have played a major role in the labor movement, he said. If there is any change, it is only working women. Fatima Majid said that before the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, our fishermen did not exist.

Working in factories and houses that run their house, our women are at the forefront of women's rights, 70 years have passed since Pakistan was formed but no fisheries policy has been formulated, we are not recognized as workers "We are working alongside men, but I think we need to do more for women," he said. On this occasion, Dr. Sehar Imdad said that women's education is also a big problem in Ethiopia and Uganda, getting married at an early age and not educating girls are one of them. They have taken it in hand. They are running online classes from Canada. We have to pay attention to the education of girls as well as boys. Secretary Arts Council Ejaz Ahmad Farooqi said that education is the jewel of a human being. He said that the government should remove the obstacles in the way of education.