Hadiqa Kiani Visits Balochistan To Help Flood Victims


Hadiqa Kiani visits Balochistan to help flood victims

The Bohe Barian singer has vowed to rebuild villages got damaged during the floods.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Sept 12th, 2022) Lollywood singer Hadiqa Kiani is on Balochistan visit to help the flood victims.

The Bohe Barian singer has said that she has met with brave people who have lost their everything in the recent floods. She has encoraged them and advised them to stay strong during these difficult times.

The singer has vowed to rebuild villages of Rabbi, Chattar and now Tamboo.

Taking to Twitter, Hadiqa Kiani wrote, "My most recent trip to Balochistan allowed me to meet the brave people who have lost almost everything. I have now taken it as my responsibility to rebuild the villages of Rabbi, Chattar & now Tamboo. Inshallah we will rebuild stronger than before with the guidance of Allah SWT,".

Hadiqa worked hard to help the flood victims and successfully managed a number trucks carrying food and relief items for the people suffering in the flooded areas of Sindh and Balochistan.

Abdullah Hussain

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