Uzma Khan Home Wrecker Becomes Top Trend On Twitter


Uzma Khan home wrecker becomes top trend on Twitter

The Twitterartis have criticized actress Uzma Khan for allegedly developing relations with Usman Khan—the son-in-law of property Tycoon Malik Riaz.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 2nd, 2020) A trend targeting actress Uzma Khan with hashtag of “Uzma Khan Home Wrecker” for her alleged connection with Amna’s husband Usman Malik here on Tuesday.

The Twitteratis made different comments on trend against Uzma Khan, calling her “Home Wrecker”. Some people criticized Uzma for developing alleged relation with Usman Malik—the son-in-law of Malik Riaz and others went to maximum extend of abusing the actress.

A day earlier, Amna Usman, Pashmeena Malik and Amber Malik secured bail in case registered against them on complaint of Uzma Kha over charges of trespassing on her house along with the guards, torturing her and her sister Huma Khan and accusing her of having relations with Usman Malik.

All three women are the daughters of country’s top Property Tycoon Malik Riaz. The Sessions court allowed bail them against surety bond of Rs. 50,000 , with direction them to join police investigation and ensure their appearance before the court on every date of hearing till disposal of the petition.

Zuha Ahmad, a Twitterati, said: “Well done waqar bhaiThumbs up you have done a great job. A girl who's is lying about aitkaaf may be is absolutely not acceptable. This is insane. Why people not have fear of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. i don't know what's happening in this country,”.

Another woman Maryam Safdar raised an important question that everybody was saying that Uzma khan was poor but it was very strange that how that poor lady was possessing cars and costly watches. She wrote: “Everyonw is saying that uzma is poor and there is no right for poors in our counry etc etc..... But literally there is no poor I have seen with Branded cars watches dresses ......this is not a case of poor and rich..... This is case of halal and haram,”.

Another user called Uzma and her sister as mafia.

Last week, Defence-C police booked Amna Usman, Pashmeena and Amber Malik over charges of tressing passing on house of actress Uzma Khan, abusing and torturing her and her sister Huma Khan for allegedly developing relation with Usman Malik.

Fida Hussnain

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