UK Army Sends 200 Heavy Vehicles To Estonia To Join Tractable Drills - Estonian Military

TALLINN (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 22nd October, 2019) The United Kingdom sent 800 servicemen and 200 military heavy vehicles to Estonia to take part in the Tractable drills, the Estonian Defense Forces said on Monday.

Over the weekend, the vehicles arrived in the German port city of Emden and after that, they will be delivered to Estonia per train through Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

"As part of the drills, 800 servicemen and 200 military heavy vehicles, which will replace on a rotation basis the UK contingent of the NATO international battalion deployed there, will arrive in Estonia. The rotation under the Tractable drills differs from the common allied rotation by the scope and difficulty of operational tasks," the Estonian Defense Forces said in a statement.

The Tractable drills, which will be held in Estonia for the first time, will take place from late October to early November.