Shaan Shahid Takes Another Dig At Shahrukh Khan


Shaan Shahid takes another dig at Shahrukh Khan

Shaan doesn’t want Shahrukh Khan to ruin Lion King with Hindi dubbing

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News – 11th July, 2019) Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid does not want Bollywood super star Shahrukh Khan to dub for iconic movie Lion King.

Shahrukh Khan had shared the trailer of Hindi dubbed Lion King for which the actor had lent his voice.

While people are anxiously waiting for Mera Simba, Hindi dubbed Lion King, Shaan Shahid asked Shahrukh to not destroy an iconic film with Hindi dub.

“No difference in Shahrukh’s voice, it is like any other V/O he does for his films. At least change your voice expression for a lions dub,” he wrote in reply to Shahrukh’s tweet.

In another tweet, Shaan said, “James Earl Jones must be laughing.. what Shahrukh failed to understand if that the characters in the film are sketched according to the dubbing artists facial expressions .. if you see Simba he resembles Matthew Brodrick.”

This is not the first time Shaan has taken a dig against Shahrukh Khan.

Earlier, when Shahrukh Khan had in an interview said that he has not decided anything about his next project, Shaan had schooled him, saying an actor should never lose confidence.

"When the actor loses confidence & his passion to show his craft .that’s the answer you get .the hunger should never die .follow All the great actors ,what they did after they became greats .. they challenged themselves with what they wanted to do..the role comes from inside," Shaan had said.

The Hindi version of the famous 'The Lion King' will release in India on July 19 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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