Hareem Farooq Names Her Favorite Cricketer


Hareem Farooq names her Favorite Cricketer

The actress who is still single has made this disclosure on a local TV.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News- June 7th, 2024) Celebrated Pakistani actress and producer Hareem Farooq unveiled the name of her favorite national cricketer.

Blushing and smiling, Hareem revealed that her top choice is Babar Azam, with Naseem Shah as her second favorite.

She made this disclosure on a local tv.

Farooq discussed a variety of subjects including her career decisions and personal preferences.

She believes everyone has their own worries and doesn’t want to add to them. Her interest in the production side of filmmaking and the process behind the camera motivated her to take on this role.

When asked about her decision to become a producer, Farooq explained that she is a lenient producer who avoids burdening her staff and actors, preferring to handle the stress herself.

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