Sharjah Public Library Unveils Interactive Arts And Crafts Journey At SCRF 2024

Sharjah Public Library unveils interactive arts and crafts journey at SCRF 2024

Sharjah:(Pakistan Point News - 12 May, 2024)
At the 15th edition of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2024), Sharjah Public Libraries (SPL) offers young visitors an immersive journey into global arts and crafts. SPL’s pavilion hosts workshops and activities covering traditional arts, storytelling, personal development, advanced content creation, and creative thinking techniques.
The programme, meticulously curated, showcases local, regional, and international cultural heritage to nurture youth’s appreciation for cultural diversity.

Nature… The first teacher
In the workshop titled ‘A Bee Drops Wax,’ SPL connects children with nature by delving into the world of bees and their products. It emphasises the engineering prowess of bees, introducing children to “beeswax” as an eco-friendly material. The workshop fosters artistic skills, creativity, and motor development, as well as teamwork, by encouraging participants to explore the properties and benefits of bees, design geometric shapes from wax, and create larger shapes collaboratively.

The desert and Zayed’s dream
Through the ‘From the Heart of the Desert’ workshop, young visitors step into the golden sand worlds and the diverse terrains of the UAE, which forms the dream of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who began building a country linked to sustainability from its inception. This involved caring for palm trees and transforming barren areas into green.

Participants then move on to the world of creativity, learning how to convert a pencil into a pen associated with palm trees, a symbol of authentic Arab culture.
Palestine in colours and symbols
SPL is hosting a workshop titled ‘Embroidery & Folklore’ to introduce children to the symbolism of traditional costumes, focusing on the Palestinian dress. Participants will explore its historical significance, the meanings behind its colours, and the embroidery methods reflecting Palestinian identity and heritage.

Doll and tory
The ‘Doll Making Workshop participants develop their handicraft skills, expand their imagination, and acquire new storytelling abilities using glove dolls created by children. They will also learn about doll-making’s history, which dates back to the sixth millennium BC.
Japanese decoration impresses both adults and children. Writings, colours, and drawings appear as artistic paintings made by creators.

Children can experience this creative journey at SPL’s pavilion in the ‘Japanese Medal Making’ workshop. Here, children learn the Japanese art of calligraphy, ‘Shodo,’ and write their names on beautiful medals to keep as souvenirs.
Origami art
In the Origami Art workshop, children unleash their imagination with scraps of paper and adhesive tape, creating various artistic shapes, from simple forms to more complex ones like animals and flowers.

Participants will discover the history of Origami, which dates back to the 16th century in Japan. It was initially used to decorate gifts and food on special occasions and later evolved into an independent art form.
Make your bookmark
We are used to folding a page to know where to return and continue reading, but in the ‘Make Your Own Bookmark’ workshop, children learn to make bookmarks that do not damage the book.

They draw their favourite cartoon characters using coloured paper, fabric, and decorations, making the bookmark a memento of their journey with knowledge and books.
In the ‘Creative Card Workshop,’ children will learn how to make beautiful and innovative cards to use on happy occasions and express their feelings.
A tale told by the strings
Arts take centre stage at SCRF due to their significant role in shaping children’s social, professional, and personal relationships and raising awareness on vital topics. SPL is hosting a workshop titled ‘Artistic Tale, ‘ where participants learn the Oud’s basic theoretical and technical aspects and experience playing songs under the supervision of specialised music trainers.