Ushna Shah Reveals She Is Fan Of Mahira Khan


Ushna Shah reveals she is fan of Mahira Khan

The actress has also claimed that she met with Sajal Aly who is pleased to see her in such a positive state of mind.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Feb 22nd, 2023) Ushna Shah has claimed that she is the fan of Mahira Khan.

The actress revealed that she came from Canada to Pakistan to start her career as an actress after becoming fan of Mahira Khan.

"I hope Mahira Khan will not mind over her statement of being her fan," said the actress during a recent interview.

Ushna Shah is one of the most talented and gorgeous actors in Pakistan.

The Balaa star has been in the industry for quite some time now as fans like her grandeur and charming personality.

Shah also talked about Sajal Aly, pointing out that Aly is an amazing actor and she should take notes from her.

She said, “I want to motivate Sajal Aly, because she is a star,"

She said she recently met Sajal, and they talked with each other,lm the actress said her first drama was with her, they did not meet much but she had seen her more content, happy and confident than before.

"I'm happy with life and in such a good place, I have never seen her like this before,” she said.

She said, "Aly was very pleased to see her in such a positive frame of mind,".

The Habs actress also reflected on how her first.

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