European Council Approves Over $25Mln Worth Of Support For Niger's Army

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 18th July, 2022) The Council of the European Union said on Monday that it has adopted an assistance measure for Niger, amounting to 25 million Euros ($25.3 million), which will be allocated through the European Peace Facility.

"The objective of this assistance measure is to strengthen the capabilities and resilience of the Nigerien Armed Forces in order to enable them to defend the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the country and to better protect the civilian population against the mounting terrorist threat," the statement read.

Reflecting Niger's priorities, the agreed EU assistance will be allocated for the creation of an Armed Forces Technician Training Centre to enhance the logistical capacity of the Nigerian armed forces and the construction of a forward operating base to alleviate the vulnerability of the armed forces in the Tillaberi region. The EU assistance measure will span 36 months, according to the statement.

"This assistance measure paves the way for a stronger Niger-EU partnership in the military and defence field, and it shows the EU's clear commitment to supporting Niger and its people in their efforts to achieve peace and stability in Niger and across the Sahel," the statement added.

Niger is playing an important role in EU initiatives aimed at promoting peace and development in the Sahel region of Africa, including the EU Integrated Strategy for the Sahel, the Sahel Coalition and the Partnership for Security and Stability in the Sahel and the Sahel Alliance. By rendering assistance to Niger's armed forces, the EU is fulfilling its obligations under these initiatives, the statement noted.