Vicky Kaushal Says He Feels Settled Now With Katrina


Vicky Kaushal says he feels settled now with Katrina

The actor says God is kind, be it my personal or professional life.

MUMBAI: (Urdu point/Pakistan Point News-June 23rd, 2022) Vicky Kaushal has opened up about his married life with Katrina Kaif, saying that he is feeling "settled".

Kaushal also revealed reactions of his friends about marriage.

He expressed these words during an interview on Thursday.

The Sardar Udham actor said that he feel settled in his life after exchanging wedding vows.

“It’s good.Now I feel settled," said Kaushal, adding that he thought that was the appropriate word.

He said God is kind, be it my personal or professional life.

One of the most beloved Bollywood couple tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony in December 2021.

Kaushal said that they have gotten used to it now, adding, “They were at the wedding and now hung around for a long time. So they are cool about it.”

He further talked about how guests at his wedding dubbed him as the “chillest groom” as he used to roam around in his shorts till the last moment while all his friends would be ready.

“I would be like mujhe naha ke bas kapde hi toh pehanne hai (I just need to take a bath and change),” Kaushal said before pointing out that “The three-day wedding festivities were the ‘best days’ of my life."

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