Sadaf Kanwal Shares Things That Irritates Her Husband


Sadaf Kanwal shares things that irritates her husband

The actress has  endorsed her husband’s words in a local private TV channel, explaining that what things irritates her husband Shahroz Sabzwari

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-July 8th, 2021) Sadaf Kanwal has agreed with recent statement of her husband Shahroz Sabzwari who believes that all men who know how to command respect for their wives are protective of them.

She endorsed her husband’s words in a local private tv channel. Both Kanwal and Shahroz tied knot the in May 2020, engaged in a segment to test their compatibility in which the anchor posed questions at them to see how well they know each other.

When asked what angers Shahroz the most, Sadaf detailed how, for him, there’s no grey area – it’s either black or white.

“(He gets angry) when someone doesn’t understand or listen to him (Shahroz),” she said. “He wants the right thing… he’s like ‘if this is the right way, why is it happening the wrong way?'”

Probing more, the anchor asked, “As a husband, what does he scold you over?” adding how her husband tends to reprimand her if her clothes are out of place or his food is late.

“Oh yes, he scolds me like, ‘Wear a dupatta properly, there are servants outside’…” Sadaf shared, adding, “Sarey miyan aik jaise hote hain (All husbands are like that).”

To this, Shahroz replied, “Sarey sahi miyan aise hotey hain (All good husbands are like this). Those who love their wife and want her to be respected are like this.”

His comment was met with an affirmative by his wife, who added, “It’s a good thing, I think. They take care.”

The couple then answered a slew of other questions, sharing how they first met, what makes them happy, and so on. Watch the show to find out!

Fida Hussnain

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