Imtiaz’s Mission Re-Invention: All You Need To Know About #NEWONE!

Imtiaz’s Mission Re-Invention: All You Need To Know About #NEWONE!

Imtiaz has a wide collection of products, household items, clothing, and accessories, both imported and local at its disposal.  

For anyone who has spent some time in the city of Karachi, Imtiaz is a familiar name. Yes, we are talking about the very famous chain of supermarkets that goes by the name of Imtiaz. Growing up around the city and especially near the bahadurabad area, Imtiaz was "The place" for me and the family to buy all the things that we needed. I for sure thought of it as the munch paradise as I could get my hands on the rarest of treats that were not to be found in other stores. A collection of local as well as imported items made Imtiaz a very high-end store. And over the years they have only grown!

Today the Pakistani market if filled with supermarkets and whatnot. Many have come and vanished failing to sustain a customer base and maintaining quality. However, Imtiaz has stayed and slowly but steadily grown into becoming the number one retailer in Pakistan. Mr. Imtiaz Ali Abbasi its founder started way back with just a small shop in a corner somewhere. Talk about humble beginnings.

With over 400,000 customers annually and 7000 plus employees, Imtiaz is literally a giant in the Pakistani retail industry. The main reason behind this immaculate consistency is Imtiaz's commitment to the cause.

The cause of proving a top-notch customer experience. Moreover, what you are about to hear literally symbolizes that intent. Aiming to reach even a step higher Imtiaz has decided to bring a kind of an image revamp. Yes, you heard it #NEWONE represents Imtiaz's efforts to get even better and bigger. It's like a futuristic mindset, why rest? even if you are at the top.

All there is to know about the #NEWONE:

The overhaul of the brand Imtiaz consists of a few things. first of all, it is important to acknowledge that calling Imtiaz a Superstore is in a way unfair. Imtiaz has a wide collection of products, household items, clothing, and accessories, both imported and local at its disposal.

With over 11 branches up and running and over 8 are about to be open for business soon. There is no doubt to the fact that Imtiaz is a retail giant.

This revamp would see Imtiaz open a megastore in the capital Islamabad. Yes, you heard it right, Imtiaz is bringing the lowest prices to the capital.

Change in the logo:

In order to stand true to its determination of being the best, it was imperative for Imtiaz that its logo displays the same. The new logo will see a star representing the aura of change for the good. In that star, a human-like figure who has his hands up in the air with joy will represent Imtiaz's dedication to providing its customers with the very best of shopping experience.

The tick in the logo represents Imtiaz's righteous business model and how a truthful representation goes a long way to build that all-important trust. Finally, the arch in the logo will symbolize Imtiaz's strength and support that it has from its valuable team.

Literally a game-changer:

Imtiaz now is not only restricted to the people of Karachi anymore. It has decided to go national. Right after the grand opening of the megastore in Islamabad, Imtiaz will open its two new branches in Lahore as well.

Imtiaz is literally going all out with this one. And what a time to think of these brilliant ideas especially when you are at your A-game, at the top. With this re-inventing, Imtiaz has the bases all set to rule the Pakistani retail industry for years to come. Goodluck D-mart!. P.s no puns intended.