Javeria Khan Says She Wants To Play With Babar Azam , MS Dhoni


Javeria Khan says she wants to play with Babar Azam , MS Dhoni

The player who is now busy with paintings says she is free and wants to keep herself busy and active.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 19th, 2020) Pakistan’s woman cricketer Javeria Khan said that she wanted to play with Babar Azam and MS Dhoni here on Tuesday.

She chose Babar Azam and Indian’s former captain MS Dhoni as her dram pairs.

Babar Azam is captain of Pakistan’s T20 Team while Dhoni is former captain of Indian cricket team.

“If I got opportunity I would like to play with both legendary cricketers as pairs,’ said Javeria Khan.

“I get guidance from Babar Azam and his advices always help her,” said the woman cricketer, adding that Babar Azam helped her a lot to improve performance. MS Dhoni, she said, was a man of amazing mind when it comes to cricket, adding that he believed maturity in cricket could be achieved very soon by playing with him.

The woman cricketer pointed out that she was sorry for the postponement of the ICC Women’s Cricket Qualifying Round.

“I wish and pray that t cricket would start soon,” said Javeria, pointed out that it would be difficult to get rid of Coronavirus if they were not careful. She said that she started painting again since she had free time now.

“I just try to keep myself active,” the player said.

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