Obama's Daughter Works In A Restaurant To Spend Her Summer Holidays


Obama's daughter works in a restaurant to spend her summer holidays

(Pakistan Point News – 6th August, 2016) : Throwing away the luxuries of White house, Sasha Obama , the daughter of the american president Barack Obama was witnessed serving customers in a restaurant. The restaurant was identified as a sea food restaurant named as Martha's vineyard in which Sasha Obama surprised everyone by catering the customers and serving them food. She was seen as wearing the blue uniform of the restaurant while 6 persons of a secret agency accompanied her. According to the restaurant administration, the secret members sit in the car or on the benches outside while Sasha does her duty. No statement has yet been received from the white house regarding this matter while in an interview Michelle Obama had told media that she is bringing up both of her daughters in a way that would enable them to live life of a common man.