Two Friends Succeeded In Manufacturing A Bamboo Cycle


Two friends succeeded in manufacturing a Bamboo cycle

Chengdu, (Pakistan Point News – 13th August, 2016) : Bamboos in china not only attract the attention of pandas only, they have also hit the interest of two youngsters who are the residents of Chengdu. They combined bamboos along with their innovative capabilities to manufacture a cycle. And in order to test the durability of that unique cycle, one of the young boys traveled from Chengdu to Lhasa covering a route of approximately 2500 kilo meters on that cycle.

The young men named Abu was brought up in Tibet and became a design engineer after getting further studies from university. In 2011 he established his own travel agency. During this work, he met many such travelers who usually designed their own cycles for the sake of travelling. This worked as an inspiration for Abu after which he hit upon an idea of manufacturing a bamboo cycle. He named it BamBike. His partner jack helped him during this creation. Jack owned a cycle shop and he is also Abu's business partner.