Popular Turkish Chef To Visit Pakistan Soon


Popular Turkish Chef to visit Pakistan soon

Burak Ozdemir who is known as CZN Burak has confirmed in Urdu message that he is visiting Pakistan soon.

ISTANBUL: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Oct 28th, 2020) Popular Turkish Chef Burak Ozdemir who is known as CZN Burak said he would visit Pakistan soon.

In a video message, the Turkish Chef confirmed his visit to Pakistan soon. Burak Ozdemir, who was wearing “Ajrak”, which is symbol of Sindh culture, was looking much excited.

In urdu and Turkish message, he said: “Asslamo Alaikum,,,, mein Chef Burak Ozdemir aur mein Pakistan aa raha hun. inshaAllah..Jeway Jeway Pakistan and Jeway Turkiya,” [ Asslamo Alaikum I am Chef Burak Ozdemir and I am visiting Pakistan inshaAllah. May long live Pakistan and May Turkey live long,”.

CZN Burak is an expert in Turkish and middle Eastern Food and he became popular on social media due to his expertise in cooking delicious food.

Burak owned the Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi chain of restaurants in Turkey which has three branches named Taksim, Aksaray and Etiler in Istanbul.

Many Pakistani celebrities visited Turkish Chef Burak Ozdemir including Momina Mustehsan and Hassan Niazi, the nephew of PM Imran Khan.

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