Shahnawaz Dahani Says Representing Pakistan In The World Cup Is His Dream


Shahnawaz Dahani says representing Pakistan in the World Cup is his dream

The player who has talked to a reporter reveals that he will show the strength if he is given a chance to play T20 World Cup.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 24th, 2021) Shahnawaz Dhani has annoucned that playing for the World Cup for Pakistan is his dream.

“Playing World Cup for Pakistan is my dream,” said Dhani during an interview to a local tv.

The bolwer who belongs to village in Larkana has said that represening your own country in the World Cup is a bigger thing for a sportsman.

“I will try my best to prove my mettle and will show the world that I am among the best if I get a chance to play the T20 World Cup,” said Shahnawaz Dhani.

Talkinga about his relationship with the people in his village, the player says that he is still the same for his village people, for his friends and his well-wishers.

“I’ll always be the same Shahnawaz Dahani for the people in my village,” said the 3g bowler, making promise duirng his talk that he will love everyone and stay humble,”.

Dhani emerged as a star who hails from Khuhawar Khan Dahani emerged as a star during PSL.

PSL has made me a different cricketer,” said the cricketer, adding that he entered this league as an emerging talent and spent time with some of the best professionals of the game.

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