Spiritual Scholar Syed Abbas Gillani Predicts About Coronavirus


Spiritual scholar Syed Abbas Gillani predicts about Coronavirus

Syed Abbas Gillani who is a spiritual scholar and astrologist says that Coronavirus will be over within next two months, asking the people to do care of each other at this difficult time.

TORONTO: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-April 18th, 2020) Renowned spiritual scholar and astrologist Syed Abbas Gillani predicted on Saturday that global Coronavirus pandemic would take around two months to end.

He also predicted that the post Corona-world would be a bit different from the past normal world as the compliance of certain measures would be declared must for the travelers for their safety. He believed that this pandemic is an evidence that God is not happy with all of us.

“This (Coronavirus) is a lesson from God to all of us to be back on right track and be honest and kind to each other,” said Syed Abbasi Gillani while talking to Pakistan Point. He stated that this pandemic would end soon but the doctors would be deployed at all airports around the world for screening of the peoples.

He was sad that majority of the peoples in Muslim world were not good human beings as compared to the people in the west.

“This is unfortunately a fact that majority of the peoples in Muslims worlds are not good human beings as they should have been, because most of the time they resort to fraud, cheating and greed,” said Gillani.

He said he found western people very nice, loyal and honest.

“I never noticed cheating and fraud in western peoples” he further said.

“There will be flights flying over us and cycle of the life will be as normal as it was in the past with a bit change ,” he said, hinting that Coronavirus would all end soon.

Gillani said that islam is a religion of peace, love and humanity and therefore, Muslims should be good humans, lovely and kind people.

“There is no concept of any harm in Islam as it is about love, peace and humanity. And therefore, I emphasize that the Muslims should love, care and respect all humans. They should be beneficial to every human being," he said.

Talking about the politics and recent issue of Jahangir Khan Tareen for his alleged role in Wheat and sugar crisis, he said that he would be silent like JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman.

“Look, where is Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman now? No one thought that he would disappear but he disappeared as I predicted earlier. And this is what is going to happen with this guy (Tareen) very soon,” said Gillani.

“Let me tell you one thing,” he went on to say, adding that Imran Khan was making efforts to correct this nation and to bring the country back on the right track, and everything will be on the right track if he remains in power for next five to ten years.

However, PM Imran Khan, he said, was not going anywhere during the next five to ten years.

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