Sindh Food Authority Seals Two Spice Grinding Units In Mirpur Khas

KUNRI (Pakistan Point News / Online - 23rd February, 2020) The Sindh Food Authority (SFA) officials sealed two spice grinding units for adulteration in Mirpur Khas division.The teams of food authority conducted raids in chillies market, Kumbhar Para, Umarkot road and other areas in Kunri.The officials said that two spice grinding units were sealed for adulteration and using harmful textile colours in the spices, which is playing with the health and life of general public.

Moreover, the Sindh Food Authority teams also conducted raided and sealed two confectionery making bakeries in Kumbhar Para for making unhygienic cakes and sweets.The SFA also imposed fine over food factories and confectioneries in different markets and seized unhygienic food items, Director Operations SFA said.Presiding over a high-level meeting on February 13, pertaining to control prices of food items, PM Imran Khan had directed to launch a crackdown against the elements involved in adulteration in food items and playing with people's lives.He had said that adulterated food was affecting the growth of children as well as causing different diseases. The prime minister had said that all possible efforts should also be made to eradicate food adulteration by using modern technology.