More Than 100 Asteroids Discovered Having Signs Of Life


More than 100 asteroids discovered having signs of life

Arizona, (Pakistan Point News – 21st July, 2016) : NASA's Kepler mission has discovered over a hundred new asteroids out of the solar system. Space Research National Agency (NASA)’s Kepler mission has discovered over a hundred new asteroids, which are new worlds beyond our solar system, while a few of them has the signs of life as well. According to media reports, on Tuesday, according to NASA’s Kepler mission data confirmed that 104 out of 197 new asteroids are outside the solar system. These satellites have their own separate planetary systems, four satellites have rocks on them, A senior researcher at Arizona State University said that the diameter of these four planets is 20 to 50 percent bigger than Earth's diameter. These planet’s orbit is located 181 light-years away and their star is half and less bright than the Sun.