Cybersecurity Firm Warns AI May 'Go To Dark Side' In 2019

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 12th January, 2019) German security software firm Avira cautioned users on Friday about artificial intelligence becoming prominent in cyberattacks this year.

The company published a list of threats to be aware of in 2019, featuring a warning that AI could switch to "the Dark Side." It did not specify what it called artificial intelligence.

"Cyber-criminals will start using AI for attacks, making the battlefield environment more tough," the statement read.

The company said the use of AI in combination with a variety of techniques would make cyberattacks stealthier and increase their pace.

Prevalence of smart gadgets with low security, it said further, could strip away user privacy with semi-legal monitoring of their activities, parasite on network vulnerabilities with cryptomining and pull users into fraud schemes.