We Can Make Pakistan Stronger By Following The Principles Of Unity, Faith, And Discipline, Hussain Muhammad

We can make Pakistan stronger by following the principles of unity, faith, and discipline, Hussain Muhammad

Dubai: (Pakistan Point News - 23 March, 2024)
An event to commemorate Pakistan’s National Day was arranged at the Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai, today. The event was attended by Pakistani community members, media persons and officials of the Consulate. The ceremony was inaugurated with the national flag hoisting by the Consul General and playing of the National Anthem. National Day’s messages by the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan were read out.

During his address, H.E. Hussain Muhammad, Consul General of Pakistan emphasized the historical significance of the day, commemorating the struggle of Quaid-e-Azam. He paid rich tributes to valiant Muslim leaders of the subcontinent who created an independent homeland for Muslims of the region within a short span of seven years after Pakistan’s Resolution was passed on March 23, 1940.
The Consul General of Pakistan underscored the profound significance of the occasion, commemorating the relentless struggle of our visionary leaders in achieving Pakistan's independence.

He emphasized the enduring importance of unity, faith, and discipline, values that continue to guide the nation's progress.
On this occasion, the Consul General made a heartfelt appeal to the Pakistani community residing in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, urging them to not only celebrate their Pakistani identity but also to integrate respectfully within the UAE society. He stressed the importance of adhering to UAE laws, respecting its policies, embracing its rich culture, and cherishing its way of life.

Recognizing the hospitality and opportunities provided by the UAE, he emphasized the need for Pakistanis to contribute positively to their second home i.e. UAE, fostering harmony and cooperation within the multicultural fabric of the Emirates. “By embracing the values of tolerance, respect, and cooperation, Pakistani expatriates can honour the legacy of their homeland while thriving in their new environment”, stressed the Consul General.