Oil And Gas Reserves Discovered In Punjab And Sindh

Oil and gas reserves discovered in Punjab and Sindh

The discoveries were made in the districts of Tando Allah Yar in Sindh and Rajanpur in Punjab.

The Oil and Gas Development Limited (OGDCL) reported on Wednesday that its exploratory wells in Sindh and Punjab have found oil and gas deposits.

According to the company's notices to the pakistan stock exchange (psx), the discoveries were made in the districts of Tando Allah Yar and Rajanpur, two tribal areas in Punjab and Sindh respectively.

In the Panjab city of Rajanpur, the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited announced the finding of oil deposits in 4 distinct wells.

According to the statement from OGDCL, the gas reserves found total 2.081 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSC/D).

According to the oil exploration business, oil and gas were discovered in the exploratory well Nim East1 in the Sindh district Tando Allah Yar by the joint venture of Nim Block, which included Government Holdings (Private) Limited (GHPL) with a 5% stake and OGDCL as operator with a 95% stake.

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