Cummins Asks Teammates To Put Champagne Bottles Away Due To Usman Khawaja


Cummins asks teammates to put champagne bottles away due to Usman Khawaja

The fans appreciate Cummins for his excellent gesture of calling Usman Khawaja back to join celebrations of Ashes trophy.

SYDNEY: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Jan 17th, 2022) Australia's Test captain Pat Cummins received appreciation over his great gesture for batsman Usman Khawaja during celebration of Ashes trophy.

As the celebrations started and players were about to open champagne bottles Usman Khawaja stood away. Spraying champagne all around the place is very common during the trophy celebrations. The Australian team was going to do the same.

Cummins saw Usman Khawaja worried and standing away. He called back Khawaja to join the trophy celebrations and asked the teammates to put their champagne bottles away. The fans appreciated the Ashes captain for his incredible off-field gesture too.

Fida Hussnain

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