New York Court Lifts Ban On Publishing Tell-All Book By Trump's Niece

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 02nd July, 2020) The Appellate Division of the New York state's Supreme Court has lifted a ban on the publisher Simon & Schuster to release a tell-all book by US President Donald Trump's only niece Mary L. Trump.

Earlier this week, a lower court in the state ruled that publication of "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man" should be temporarily halted following a petition filed by the president's brother, Robert S. Trump. Before that, the US leader argued that his niece was bound by an agreement to maintain the confidentiality of the family's private matters.

"Thus, the restraining order should be modified to limit its scope to Ms. Trump and any agent of hers. While the plaintiff has alleged, in effect, that S&S [Simon & Schuster] is Ms. Trump's agent, the evidence submitted is insufficient for this Court to determine whether the plaintiff is likely to succeed in establishing that claim. So, while the plaintiff is entitled to have the temporary restraining order bind any agent of the plaintiff, this Court will not name S&S as being such an agent," the court said on Wednesday.

According to the court, the publisher is not party to the confidentiality agreement among the president's relatives.

The book's release is scheduled for July 28. The story, according to the book description, will show a "revelatory, authoritative portrait" of Donald Trump and "the toxic family that made him," and explain how he became the man "who threatens the world's health, economic security and social fabric."