Labor Accommodation On Fire


Labor accommodation on fire

Abu Dhabi, (Pakistan Point News – 23rd July, 2016) : A fire broke out in labors residential building in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi on Thursday at 2pm. According to the media, fire caught 50 units of the labor accommodation and a bus parked in the vicinity in Al Hamra area. There were no casualties or major injuries in the incident. The General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Civil Defense was vigilant about the fire at 2pm on Thursday. The Civil Defense teams and Quick Intervention Units from Al Ghayathi amd Al Ghuwaifat hurried to the spot and prevented the fire from dispersion to other units. Lt Col Mohammad Abdul Jalil Al Ansari, director-general of Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi, said investigations are still going on to determine the cause of the fire.