Tehran: Speedy Bus Hit An Electric Pole In Northern Iran, 16 Killed And 12 Injured


Tehran: Speedy bus hit an electric pole in Northern Iran, 16 killed and 12 injured

Tehran, (Pakistan Point News – 23rd July, 2016) : 16 people died and 12 others were injured on Saturday after a bus toppled in Karaj-Chalus road, north of the Iranian capital of Tehran. Ehsan Nasiri said while talking to the Tasnim news Agency, the bus hit a power pole in Karaj-Chalus road and toppled at 2:55 a.m. (local time) on Saturday morning and regrettably 16 passengers were killed. He added more that the bus had 28 people on board and 12 other passengers were injured and have been taken to hospital. Karaj-Chalus road has witnessed numerous car crashes and natural disasters because of twisting construction.