Sri Lanka Is Deporting Pakistani Nationals, Guy Shares Ordeal On Social Media


Sri Lanka is deporting Pakistani nationals, guy shares ordeal on social media

He shared that he was stranded at Sri Lanka airport for five hours after being deported along with two other families.

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News – 31st July, 2019) Sri Lanka is allegedly deporting Pakistani nationals.

A boy named Hasnain Manzoor revealed this in a post on social media.

He shared that he was stranded at Sri Lanka airport for five hours after being deported along with two other families.

Sharing the video clips, he said that one family having three kids are sleeping on the uncomfortable chairs at airport.

Hasnain said that he had been travelling since last three weeks. He went from Karachi to Malaysia, Malaysia to Thailand and then Thailand to Cambodia.

“And yesterday I flew from Cambodia (Phnom Penh International Airport) to Colombo. Kuala lumpur was stopover for around 2 hrs. So after reaching Colombo from Kuala lumpur I went to immigration officer and submitted my documents. He said come with me. I followed him and went into the immigration officer room where they were two more Pakistan families,” he wrote in his post.

When I asked about the reason for me being into this immigration room there was no answer, he said, adding, “I waited over 2 hours along with 2 other families. We were then deported although we tried to politely ask again and again on what’s the actual reason behind all this.”

“Reason we were told was (There have been 2000 Pakistani tourists who came and seek Asylum in Srilanka). This is not a valid point at all and just a lame excuse. I have my e-visa and my return ticket along with hotel booking. So no documents I am missing along with other families,” he said.

He went on to describe his ordeal, saying, “I kept inquiring the chief immigration officer as to what the actual reason is for deportation and there was no solid answer. One of the immigration guy said "They have doubts in you. Your considered suspicious maybe" Another lame excuse.”

So no solid answer given and we were deported for no reason, he said, adding that one family had booked $2000 worth hotels/tickets and tour and now has to cancel everything.

“I had my tickets from Siem reap to Bangkok and Bangkok to Colombo earlier. However I got late in getting re entry visa due to long ques. So since I had no re entry visa those 2 tickets got wasted. I had to buy new tickets which I did from Phnom Penh to Colombo and Colombo to Karachi. Now both of them wastes aswell due to deportation. This way I have lost $1000 in just flight tickets,” he said.

Hasnain further said that after deportation, the irresponsibility of Malindo air was even more heartbreaking.

“We are literally being treated as prisoners right now! We can’t even walk anywhere at airport. We have to go with the security guard like what level of injustice is this,” he lamented.

He requested the people and authorities in Pakistan to take immediate action and help him and other deported families.

Mahnoor Sheikh

The writer is News Editor, Pakistan Point. She has graduated in Mass Communication and has worked in various media houses