A Magical Week Is Ahead With The Legendary Waheed Murad Movies

A magical week is ahead with the legendary Waheed Murad movies

Friday in Lahore was marked by the inauguration of a festival commemorating the death anniversary of legendary Lollywood actor Waheed Murad. Odeon cinema will present the seven great movies of waheed murad for a week which will include his death anniversary on November 23.The screening will be attended by Murad’s close friends and family members who are invited along with various renowned celebs of Lahore’s entertainment circle. Naag muni will be the first movie to be displayed on Friday evening, while the suit will be followed by the movies Dil Mera Dharkan Teri, Mastaana Mahi, Parkh, Saheli,Dewar Bhabi and Baharo Phool Bharsao, each movie will constitute three shows daily.

After the demise of Murad at the age of 45, All Pakistan Waheedi club was founded by his fans and since then, the club lionizes his death anniversary every year. But this year they have decided to hold something different, by organizing a complete festival paying tribute to the legendary star. The secretary general of All Pakistan waheedi club, Naveed Akhtar paid tribute to the actor in these words, “Waheed Murad’s film career is a seminal part of Lollywood’s legacy and therefore we try to remember him on the occasion of his death anniversary every year.

This year’s tribute will continue for one whole week”. He further said that waheed murad’s pairing with rani is of equivalent importance to be screened. “You see we want to pay tribute to not just waheed but also to his super hit pairing with Rani. They were truly one of the greatest on-screen couples Pakistani films ever seen,” stated the secretary general. Born on October 2, 1938, Murad began his acting career at the age of 21 with the film Saathi.

No sooner he became famous as the chocolate hero of the Pakistani film industry as he performed the best of his skills in the movies Armaan, Zameer, Gun Man, Waday Ki Zanjeer, Aahat, Dilruba, Zalzala, Andleeb and Heera Aur Pathar, amongst many others. The fields of production and script writing have also received Murad’s worthy contribution. And finally, his abilities and worthy contributions in Lollywood earned him Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan.