Nations Weeps Over The Demise Of Pakistani Footballer Shahlyla Baloch In A Tragic Car Accident

Nations weeps over the demise of Pakistani Footballer Shahlyla Baloch in a tragic car accident

Karachi, (Pakistan Point News – 13th October, 2016) : A destructive car accident caused the tragic demise of Pakistan striker Shahlyla Ahmadzai Baloch on Wednesday night in Karachi. Her family confirmed the death by telling Pakistan Point that Baloch was sitting in the passenger seat when the accident took place in DHA Phase VIII area of Karachi. “It is true that she passed away,” affirmed a family member. If Pakistanis would have been asked about the finest strikers for Pakistan women’s football team, the 20 years old Baloch would have definitely crowned the list.

She was the representative of the country at the South Asian Football Federation Women Football Championship 2014  in Islamabad, the last international event that Pakistan women’s team emulated in. History mentions Baloch's name as the first Pakistani woman to score a hat-trick abroad during her stretch in Maldives. A great contribution also comes under Baloch's part when she succeeded to achieve Pakistan’s 4-1 victory over Bhutan in 2014 SAFF Women’s Championship.

The 20-year-old played for the Balochistan United FC as a forward in the domestic circuit. FootballPakistan.Com (FPDC) stated condolences on their facebook page, “She represented Pakistan and was a role model for many girls. Today Shahlyla Baloch died in a car accident. What a shocking news.All our condolences to her family,". People live and die in this world but what they leave behind is their achievements and the inspiration for many people.

In this patriarchal society where a woman have to think to twice before stepping out of her house to pursue her dreams, her aims and a living, Shahlyla has set an example as a role model for all those women who feel constrained of all the societal norms and values. Shahlyla has made them realize how important a woman is, and how worthy are her dreams. So every woman should aim high, to achieve great. Many people are also expressing their deep grieve over Shahlyla's death on social website twitter.