St. Petersburg, Hokkaido Governors Agree To Cooperate In Education, Tourism, Culture

SAPPORO (Japan) (Pakistan Point news / Sputnik - 23rd August, 2018) St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko and Hokkaido Prefecture Governor Harumi Takahasi agreed on Thursday cooperate in the field of education, health care, urban development, tourism and culture, a Sputnik correspondent reported on Thursday.

The governors signed a road map on developing cooperation between St. Petersburg and Hokkaido in 2018-2022. The sides also discussed interaction in various areas.

In particular, Poltavchenko expressed the interest in Japan's expertise in the area of solid waste management. The official also invited Japanese auto components manufacturers to take part in the work of St. Petersburg's car manufacturing cluster.

The sides also highlighted the importance of interaction in education and signed agreements on cooperation between the Saint Petersburg State University and Sapporo Medical University, as well as between St. Petersburg's school 83 and Sapporo's Ritsumeikan school.

"I think that school exchanges will boost relations people-to-people ties. Such ties contribute to development of mutual trust between countries and specific regions," Poltavchenko said.

Takahasi in turn expressed the hope for boosting ties with St. Petersburg.

"I highly value growing exchanges between our regions, and I hope for expansion and strengthening of such ties," the Hokkaido governor said.

Takahasi also offered the St. Petersburg delegation to examine the latest projects in the area of passenger drones developed by the Hokkaido University.

"As regards the field of culture and tourism, I would like to express my gratitude for the concert of the Mikhailovsky Ballet Theater which is due to take place. I think this is a great opportunity for Hokkaido residents, in particular for those who have connections with Russia, as well as for children who dance ballet. I hope that the concert will enhance ties between our regions," she said.

Delegation of St. Petersburg's city administration led by the governor is the Japanese city of Sapporo, located on the northernmost Hokkaido Island. The delegation comprises heads of the city's committees, organizations and institutions working in the areas of urban development, tourism, culture, education, science, health, transport, and automotive industry.