Resham Reacts To Trolling On Social Media


Resham reacts to trolling on social media

The actress says she admits her mistake but dislikes the way people ignored the positive side of her act.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Sept 14th, 2022) Lollywood star Resham has reacted to trolling on social media for throwing food for marine life and for throwing plastic too in the river.

The actress was spotted doing an act of kindness but she became victim of trolling on social media.

Resham on Sunday was also seen dropping pieces of some food into a river for marine life. She also threw plastic into the same river after which she was criticized and trolled.

The social media users called out actress Resham for endangering marine life with her ill-advised "act of kindness".

In reaction, the actress had to delete her "act of kindness" video from social media.

She said, "I confess to having made a mistake by throwing in the plastic, but women are being raped every day, and violence against women is on uncanny rise, yet they’re all blinded by a piece of plastic. They dwell in a fool’s paradise because I was merely offering sadqah. I tested positive for Covid-19 twice, and I happen to be absent minded because of that. I have been in Charsadda, quietly helping thousand s of affectees in the calamity hit district, but of course people are trolling me instead of focusing on the positive,".

Abdullah Hussain

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