Ushna Shah Gives Important Message To ‘men'


Ushna Shah gives important message to ‘men'

The actor's message has gone viral on the social media, with majority of her followers agreeing with her point of view.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Sept 14th, 2022) Lollywood star Ushna Shah has given a special message to men about their social interaction and communication with any of female friends.

Taking Twitter, Ushna Shah who is known for her

bold and unapologetic remarks, addressed the men specially in her tweet.

She wrote, “Dear men, if a female friend isn’t responding to your flirtatious comments & is pretending to be oblivious to them, it is to give u a hint without damaging your friendship.”

She also wrote, “Have some class about you and take the hint instead of amplifying the flirt & making her more uncomfortable.”

The actors has advised the men but did share anything in it's context as who sent any message to who.

Ushna Shah often shares bold messages and interesting things for her fans and followers on the social media.

Abdullah Hussain

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