Bushra Ansari Ties Knot With Iqbal Hussain


Bushra Ansari ties knot with Iqbal Hussain

The actress confirms that she has tied the knot with Iqbal Hussain, a film director, whom she met during shooting of a project.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-April 16th, 2024) Renowned television actress Bushra Ansari tied knot with Film Director Iqbal Hussain.

She officially confirmed her second marriage to Iqbal Hussain during a vlog posted on her YouTube channel, where she candidly discussed her thoughts on entering into marriage at an older age.

Bushra Ansari was previously married to Iqbal Ansari in 1978, and they divorced 36 years later. Meanwhile, Iqbal Hussain's first marriage was with actress and host Farah Hussain.

In the vlog, Iqbal Hussain revealed that their initial encounter occurred in 2016 during the filming of the serial "Sita Bagri." Both were previously divorced and single at the time, and it was during this project that he proposed to Bushra Ansari.

Expressing her perspective on marriage, Bushra emphasized, “I never had immediate plans for remarriage. It took me a year and a half to embrace the idea. Afterward, I introduced Iqbal Hussain to my family, and everyone welcomed him warmly,”.

Reflecting on their respective divorces, Bushra shared that while Iqbal Hussain's divorce preceded hers, she took some time after her own divorce before they crossed paths. "I had never discussed my divorce with anyone because it took me a year and a half to come to terms with it," she disclosed.

The couple highlighted the importance of women's autonomy in choosing their path post-divorce or after the loss of a partner, challenging the norm where fathers often remarry but mothers are expected to remain single. “If you encounter a sincere companion, there's nothing wrong in starting afresh,” Bushra added.

During the conversation, Iqbal Hussain voiced their intention to challenge societal stereotypes surrounding marriages where the woman is older than the man. They stressed that if one finds a genuine partner in life, there should be no hesitation in embarking on a new journey together.

As rumors of Bushra Ansari and Iqbal Hussain's marriage surfaced in 2019, neither party confirmed nor denied them at the time. However, Bushra Ansari openly discussed her divorce in 2020 and later confirmed her second marriage in 2023 without revealing the identity of her spouse.

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