Mountaineers Samina Baig And Naila Kiani Aim To Become The First Pakistani Women To Climb K2

Mountaineers Samina Baig and Naila Kiani aim to become the first Pakistani women to climb K2

The mountaineers are expected to complete their summit of K2 by the end of July

Two female climbers, Samina Baig and Naila Kiani, have their sights set on climbing K2, the second-highest peak in the world at 8,611 m, something no other Pakistani woman has done yet.

There are less than 10 women who have successfully ascended K2, which is one of the most challenging summits to climb.

Samina Baig and Naila Kiani, two female climbers from Pakistan, are keen on breaking the ice by becoming the first Pakistani females to scale the mountain.

Samina, the first Pakistani woman to summit Mount Everest in 2013, arrived at the K2 basecamp from Skardu and will go to Camp 1 in a few days.

By the third week of July, she is expected to complete her summit of K2, albeit the timing can vary depending on the weather. She made two efforts to climb K2 in 2015 and 2021, but she had to call off her expedition on both occasions due to mishaps and poor weather.

Naila Kiani, whose family currently resides in Dubai, also touched down in Pakistan on Thursday night. She will spend the weekend in Skardu before traveling to the K2 base camp.

The first Pakistani woman to climb an 8,000 inside Pakistan was Naila Kiani, who was the first to ascend the 8,035-meter Gasherbrum II.

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