Pakistani Athletes Win Two Silver Medals At The Mas-Wrestling World Championship In Russia

Pakistani athletes win two silver medals at the Mas-Wrestling World Championship in Russia

Waqas Afzal Bhatti and Saad Mohammad won Silver Medal representing Pakistan in the Mas-Wrestling World Championship in Russia.

At the fourth Mas-Wrestling World Championship, which was held in Yakut, Russia, Pakistan won two silver medals.

Waqas Afzal Bhatti, a Pakistani wrestler, won the silver medal in the 125 kg weight division, while Saad Mohammad won the silver medal in the 60 kg weight division, according to the Pakistan Mas-Wrestling Federation.

Before winning his semi-final and moving on to the final, Waqas Afzal reportedly defeated Sheikh Abdul Ahad Yunus of India in a preliminary round match.

Saad Mohammad, on the other hand, won his preliminary matches against wrestlers from Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan before dominating his Serbian rival in the semifinal.

In the final, he was unable to maintain his winning streak momentum and was forced to accept the silver medal.

Athletes from 45 different nations are competing in the competition, which began yesterday in Russia.

Pakistan sent out 11 athletes to Russia to compete in the games.

Aurangzaib Shah, Shaffat Ullah, Natasha Amani Khan, Afshal Anser, Ali Azhar, Sheraz Ali, Muhammad Alam, and Muhammad Ibrahim Baig are the other Pakistani competitors in the championship, who are ready to make their mark today (Friday) .

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