Ramiz Raja Wants To Improve Relations With PM Shehbaz Sharif

Ramiz Raja wants to improve relations with PM Shehbaz Sharif

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman claimed that he is no longer in touch with former PM Imran Khan.

Ramiz Raja, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) hopes to build a better relationship with PM Shehbaz Sharif so that cricket in Pakistan can move forward as per plans.

Ramiz Raja also revealed that he is no longer in contact with former PM Imran Khan since he was removed from the government.

Ramiz Raja, during a conference held today (Friday), revealed that the former premier “cut-off ties” with him after being dismissed from office.

The PCB Chairman said, "Imran Bhai cut off contact with me. I haven't talked to him for a long time now.”

There have been constant speculations regarding Ramiz Raja’s position as PCB Chairman. According to reports, the current government is planning to replace him.

However, he is keen that both parties can work together toward a better future for Pakistani cricket.

"We can't live around speculations. I believe there is a need for continuity apart from political differences," said Ramiz Raja.

He continued, "See, our prime minister is our patron-in-chief, we have requested his time and if he meets us, we will tell him about our work. I think there is no need for ego here as, in the end, we all want upliftment of cricket.”

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