UK Defense Secretary Threatens Russia With NATO Nuclear Capabilities

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 26th April, 2022) UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told the British parliament on Monday that NATO has nuclear weapons and the UK can use them to defend itself and NATO if necessary, noting that Moscow should keep that in mind.

"Some (of our rockets) are out there right now, under the sea, our brave men and women of the Royal Navy, silent and able to deliver an effect of nuclear (weapons) if they had to in defense of this Kingdom and, indeed, in defense of NATO. This is incredibly important that he (Russian President Vladimir Putin) does not forget that," Wallace said answering the question on nuclear deterrence.

Wallace stressed that NATO is a military alliance with three members, namely, the UK, France, and the United States, having nuclear weapons, something he believes would work as a "strong deterrent" to Russia.