Finnair Lifts COVID-19 Certificate Requirement For Finland-Bound Flights

HELSINKI (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 07th July, 2021) Finnish national carrier Finnair announced on Wednesday that it would no longer require certain passengers to present COVID-19 certificates before boarding a flight to Finland as entry controls will be performed by the authorities upon arrival.

The decision comes after the Finnish government adopted a new strategy on resuming tourism starting July 12. Finland will reopen to travelers who have either been fully vaccinated and come from an EU or Schengen country, fully recovered from COVID-19, were born in 2006 and later, or arrived from a country with low virus incidence.

"With the new legislation, the requirements for entry are checked on arrival, so our customers do not need to show their certificates to Finnair customer service agent at the check-in, when their destination is Finland," Finnair Chief Operating Officer Jaakko Schildt said.

During the interim period of July 12-25, Finnair will check only those passengers who travel to Finland from countries which have not yet joined the normalized border traffic, as leisure travels remain unavailable to some EU and Schengen countries and internal border controls still apply.

Those who transit Helsinki to an international flight will continue to have their certificates checked, in line with the government's requirements.