Nice's Knife Attacker Suspected Of Illegal Migration In Italy - Reports

ROME (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 30th October, 2020) The Tunisian man who on Thursday killed three people in Nice had arrived in France from Italy, where he is a suspect in an illegal migration case, the Italian Adnkronos news agency reported.

On Thursday, the attacker armed with a knife killed two people by beheading and fatally stabbed another person at a church in Nice. French President Emmanuel Macron said that the incident was an Islamist terrorist attack, and the suspect is currently in police custody.

The attacker, as well as several other Tunisians, became suspects in the case. which is related to illegal migration, after they arrived on Italy's Lampedusa island in late September. The report has already triggered some political statements Matteo Salvini, Italy's former interior minister and Lega party leader, said that current Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese should resign from her post if this information was confirmed.

According to the Italian media, 21-years-old Brahim Aoussaoui, the alleged attacker, arrived in Lampedusa on September 20 and was then moved to a reception center in Bari on October 9.

In addition, the news agency recalled that another Tunisian man, Anis Amri, who came to Italy in 2011, drove a truck into people at the Christmas market in Berlin and killed 11 pedestrians on December 19, 2016. Amri was killed by the police in Milan a week after the incident.