Spanish Security Forces Detain 30 Members Of Network Trading Hashish

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 20th September, 2020) The Civil Guard of Spain said on Sunday it had busted a network engaged in international trafficking of hashish and detained 30 of its members.

The operation was conducted in the Campo de Gibraltar county of Spain's southwestern Cadiz province, the law enforcement said in a press release.

Officers conducted 14 searches and discovered a marijuana plantation. They confiscated over 6 metric tons of hashish in addition to other belongings of the criminal network, including 30 cellphones, personal documents and around 8,000 Euros ($9,500).

In a parallel operation by the Civil Guard's marines, they detained two vessels and confiscated 3.9 metric tons of hashish on board and 50 reservoirs with a total of 1,200 liters (317 gallons) of gasoline. The crew were detained.