Belarusian Security Forces Strengthen Cordon Near Lukashenko's Residence Amid Protests

MINSK (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 20th September, 2020) Belarusian security forces have strengthened measures near the Palace of Independence in Minsk, the working residence of President Alexander Lukashenko, on Sunday during the latest day of opposition protests in the Belarusian capital, according to a Sputnik correspondent at the scene.

A security cordon, which was previously set up around the palace's perimeter and the adjacent National Flag Square, has now been extended to cover the neighboring streets. Civilians and journalists are no longer allowed to enter the secure area, where police and armed forces reinforcements are currently based.

Several thousand demonstrators, who had gathered at the Minsk Hero City monument, are currently moving along Prospekte Pobeditelei avenue in the direction of the Palace of Independence.

Personnel of the armed forces, security forces, and law enforcement agencies are currently monitoring the movements of the protesters, according to the correspondent.

Olga Chemodanova, a spokeswoman for the Belarusian Interior Ministry, confirmed earlier in the day that at least 10 people have been detained so far during the latest day of unsanctioned protests in Minsk.

Multiple weeks of opposition protests have been held in Belarus following the presidential election of August 9, which resulted in incumbent Alexander Lukashenko winning by a landslide. Belarus's opposition has rejected the results of the presidential vote.