Cause Of Death Of Ukrainian Rapper Found Dismembered In St. Petersburg Unknown - Court

ST. PETERSBURG (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 01st August, 2020) The cause of death of Ukrainian rap artist Alexander Yushko, known as Andy Cartwright, whose remains have recently been discovered in a St. Petersburg apartment, currently remains unidentified, the city's judiciary said on Saturday.

On Wednesday, the rapper's wife, Marina Kokhal, was arrested on suspicion of dismembering her husband. According to her, Cartwright passed away from a drug overdose four days prior, and she dismembered his body to hide it. Later, investigators have seized Cartwright's bodyparts, packed in five bags, a knife, a chopping board, and a plastic bowl. The murder investigation is underway.

"We have commissioned an examination for the Yushko murder case. The initial cause of death has not been determined," the judiciary said in a statement.

The investigators allege that Kokhal committed a premeditated murder of her husband via a yet unknown method on Wednesday and then dismembered his corps to conceal the crime. She denies it.

"I do not," Kokhal said when asked by a judge if she admits her guilt.

Earlier in the day, a court extended her arrest for 72 hours, for Kokhal's defense to gather necessary documents.